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Democrats: What War?

There was a time when making fun of the Red Sox's losing streak was an even bigger past-time than baseball itself. But then it got old and the Red Sox were released from the icy death grip of Babe Ruth's curse. There is another past-time that is almost as old and it's called "let's see how those wacky Democrats will to screw themselves next?" Will it be a trip on the Monkey Business? Maybe a ride in a tank? A liason with an intern? Or how about attacking Wal-Mart while we are engaged in one of the most ill-advised conflicts since Vietnam? Yeah, that sounds about right.

While our boys are fighting and dying for reasons that still have not been made clear, the Democrats just can't seem to find any moral backbone to help them stand upright. So they attack the largest employer in America. Why not just take a stand against cancer or child abuse? Hey! Democrats! It's the WAR stupid!

George Bush's approval ratings are in the twenties and the Democrats refuse to take on his biggest failing: foreign policy. This war can be connected to foiled terror plots, rising oil prices, Iran's nuclear proliferation and the latest conflict between Isreal and Hezbollah. And if they're not comfortable dining at the banquet of the President's lack of foreign policy vision, please, help yourself to heapings of domestic dishes such as the failure to act while hundreds drowned in New Orleans, or while his Veep's friends are raping thier pension funds he has done nothing to strengthen laws against white collar crime ... my GOD, the list is endless, and what do they choose to attack? Wal-Mart.

If you really want to show people you are against Wal-Mart, why not pass some laws making it illegal for a company to pay so little that their employees STILL have to depend on Medicare and food stamps? Or how about enforcing laws that prevent companies from union busting or refusing to pay overtime? But that would mean actual legislation and, let's face it, the Democrats are not going to put a bill before Congress that would ever dampen the bright sunshine of Wal-Mart's stock price. After all, the business of America is business.

Senator Clinton, who recently refused to accept a $5,000 donation to her campaign from the conglomerate, still has to explain why it was okay to be on their board when many of these callous and theiving policies were drawn up. And I'm sure she's not the only one who's slept with the big, soulless yellow smiley face. Are these the people who are going to protect us? I'm not buying it and neither will the American people.

But the Democrats do have an issue they can sound sincere about: the war. So, instead of attacking the Republicans where they are weakest, namely their leader, they are villifying a company that is the result of poor legislation, failed enforcement and, basically a bully who everyone already hates. Go Sox!


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