Surrealpolitic for surreal times.: France determined to spread monarchy to New World.


France determined to spread monarchy to New World.

Paris, FRANCE - Today the French Monarchy declared that "French troops would stay in the former British colonies until a monarchy is formed and able to defend itself. It is our devine right to spread monarchy to the world."

This decision brought much concern and anger from the leaders of the American resistance to the British occupation. General George Washington, the most likely King of the newly formed nation was irritated saying "We appreciate the French assistance in our affairs and would now like the opportunity to set our own national goals. We would ask that our nation is permitted to practice self-determination as is our right as a goverment. As a people."

Although colonial leaders such as General Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton have all agreed to work with the governing French Monarchy, many colonists have decided to take up arms to drive the French presence from their newly birthed nation.

One of these, Aaron Burr, a highly successful leader of the colonial militia was ready to fight again. "They [The French] have helped us gain our freedom from a tyrannical, and unjust governance, and now we must heed their word as law. We've simply replaced one King for another."

Over four-hundred French soldiers have been killed in 'hit and run' attacks by armed colonists since the British withdrawal and the violence seems to be spreading. General Washington, who is not in favor of such attacks, certainly understood the mounting frustrations of his constituents. "I do not condone the killing of French soldiers. Soldiers who aided us in the overthrowing of the yoke of our oppressors, but when they [the French] police our streets speaking a foreign language and begin to export our lumber, grain and other raw materials for their own profit, then I too begin to wonder of the sincerity of their presence."

Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes, the French Ambassador to the Americas, was calm but spoke gravely. "We must continue to hold the course here in the Americas and fight the insurgency. It is too important strategically for it to fall into anarchy. We will remain here until we feel confident that the American leadership can govern itself with a stable monarchical bloodline. Until then, we will endure."


At 8:17 PM, Blogger poli-fan said...

Excellent point! It's amazing a nation of such relative youth could have such distance from any sense of history. Well said. I also appreciated your well researched piece on Joe Lieberman. Kudos!

At 8:38 PM, Blogger surrealpolitic said...

Thank you, poli-fan. I hope that you continue reading my blog and letting me know what you like. We aim to please!

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More posts! Do you think keeping hair gel off of planes will make us safer? Why is the response always reactionary instead of forward-thinking? It's like we fixate on whatever the last problem was (shoes, nail clippers, gel) at the expense of EVERYTHING else. Are we capable of seeing a big picture? Discuss. Thank you.


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