Surrealpolitic for surreal times.: Surrealpolitic just got lapped by the pros.


Surrealpolitic just got lapped by the pros.

You want to know what Surrealpolitics is all about? Here you are.

Remember when the Democrats were the ones who were concerned about the average worker and the Republicans were the ones who backed corporate interests? Let me give you a quick quiz.

Which party voted against an amendment to raise the minimum wage over three years and which party voted for it? No, silly-head, it was a trick question. The Democrats voted to kill it and the Republicans voted for it.

What is this? Opposite day? No, it's just politics as usual, only it's politics with your life, isn't it fun? You see, while the average political representative makes over $100,000 a year, not including speaking fees, they find it hysterical when you work for $5.15 an hour and pay for their health care, vacations and salaries.

Here's how funny it is. You see, the Democrats wanted to give you a raise, but the Republicans attached an amendment that they knew the Democrats wouldn't allow. Those nutty Republicans wanted to give their rich buddies a permanent tax break knowing the Democrats would kill it. And here's the really funny part. The Democrats never intended to get this passed. They knew they didn't have the votes to pass a bill raising the minimum wage, they just wanted more ammunition to bring home to their districts and say "See! The Republicans won't give money to the working people of this country."

Aren't politics fun when people, whose salaries you pay for, turn around and decide that you're not worth two dollars over a three year period? Welcome to surrealpolitic.


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