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9/11 the new JFK

A recent European survey has stated that 42% of Americans now believe the government either knew about or was directly involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 terrorist plots. Why is it that whenever a tragedy occurs we immediately suspect the government? Some have put forward the notion that it's because we feel so powerless and the people who have the ability to protect us failed, so it only stands to reason that those with power must have had some part in the event. Compound this with an administration's inability to answer even the most basic questions of what happened and it begins to stink of conspiracy.

In the case of the J.F.K. assassination (I'll leave R.F.K. for now, but that's worth looking at too), there are so many glaring omissions, so many mysterious deaths, so many missing pieces that even those who aren't conspiracy buffs (like me) start to ask - how was the investigation into the murder of the world's most powerful man so incompetently handled? (The last poll taken regarding the J.F.K. assassination says that nearly 75% of Americans now believe that their government knew or was directly involved in the President's murder.) The same ugly questions are starting to emerge with the 9/11 Report and I would like to share my reasons why I both believe and don't believe the government was involved. You decide for youselves.

Here's why I think the goverment wasn't involved.

1. This administration is easily one of the most incompetent in recent memory. Can you imagine them pulling something this incredible off in total secrecy? They couldn't even do illegal wiretapping without getting busted.
2. I still can't get around someone piloting those planes via remote control. What happened to the passengers? Did the government kill them? Again, I don't think it's possible that this administration (or frankly any) could pull that off.
3. The Pentagon as a target? I have a tough one with that. If the government were planning on targets, sure, civilians are obviously people they don't care about, but I have a hard time believing that they'd single out their own.
4. Isn't it merely Occam's Razor? I mean, given the two equally reasonable theories the simplest is probably correct; that being the goverment was just inept and failed to see the attacks coming.

And now my reasons why I think the goverment let it happen on purpose or was directly involved:

1. Those puffs of smoke coming out of the WTC buildings as they collapsed are something. They sure look like tiny explosions to me. Also, when the first building "collapsed" it exploded from the top. Look at the footage. That is not an implosion at all. It looks as though the top is literally exploding outwards.
1A: I have heard several architects claim that it was physically and structually impossible for the building's core steel to melt that quickly and that there simply wasn't enough material to continue the intense heat required in bringing down the WTCs. And if this were the case, why did the second tower hit fall first? And why would an internally collapsing building fall that quickly? Wouldn't it sort of collapse a little at a time?
2. Have you ever tried to make a cellphone call at 30,000 feet? Yet the passengers of flight 93, the one that crashed in Pennsylvania, were able to have prolongued conversations with loved ones. How the hell did they do that?
3. What happened at the Pentagon defies all logic and physics. A plane that hit the first floor did not leave skid marks on the lawn? It was pristene. Look at the photographs.
3A. Where was the fuselage? There are no engines, no tail section or bodies. How can this be?
4. Why are the black boxes missing? This to me is the single most suspicious piece of non-evidence that points directly to government conspiracy. Never in the history of modern commercial aviation has a single black box failed to be recovered. Also, if the plane that hit the Pentagon was liquified, how come they recovered that black box and not the ones at the WTC? And why was there no investigation by the NTSB which has reviewed every single accident in the history of American aviation. Except these four.
5. Building number 11, I think it was, at the WTC merely collapsed from stress yet was never hit by anything, and it looks as though it was part of a controlled demolition. I've seen the ones in Vegas and that's exactly what it looks like. But why?

And that's what we're left with. Why? To invade Iraq? To provide the President with broader authority? Perhaps. But I just can't wrap my mind around the scope of it all. That Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld could mastermind this when they can't even figure out how many people it takes to invade a country. Maybe that's one of those questions that will make itself apparent in time, but if the population starts demanding answers and it was a conspiracy, the administration better start making it apparent soon or there'll be another 9/11 commission in front of a jury.


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