Surrealpolitic for surreal times.: Democrats Refuse to Pull Out Until Climax


Democrats Refuse to Pull Out Until Climax

Ha! Ha! Ha America. You thought that by electing the other party you'd be able to effectively change your nation's policy. It's touching, really. Like watching a mouse in a maze who keeps expecting to somehow get to the end by smashing its head against the wall. Adorable. Okaaaaay, let me just reach over here and turn down the glibometer. It was set to an eight, it's down to a two now.

In November, Americans went to their polls and swept from office the party that lied to us, killed thousands of our troops, stole billions of our dollars and then said they wanted to keep on doing it for as long as they could - stay the course - I believe was the term. So, after six years, which is another story, we said no to that program. Not by a lot, mind you, but enough to change the policy makers. Or so we thought. But what we failed to ask ourselves was "What are we voting for?" It's not enough to simply say to the people in charge: "Stop robbing and killing us!" We need a plan people and when you vote for a Democrat, you rarely get that. What you do get is a nice message and a sort of vague idea of what not to do. Like ending the war.

We were all behind that idea. Sure. We get out of Iraq, a country we should never have stepped foot in, and let the Iranians and Syrians take over, which they will. Anyone who has picked up a newspaper (I don't mean USA Today - a real newspaper) for the past ... oh, I don't know ... year and a half, should have known that. Unfortunately, no one told the Democrats until after they were elected which means we now get to watch as the party with no spine flops around and becomes, in essence, not an opposition party, but a slower rubber stamp congress. In today's New York Times the headline says it all: "Idea of Rapid Withdrawal From Iraq Seems to Fade". Wasn't that the whole campaign strategy? To end the war in Iraq? Wasn't that what over 50 percent of voters wanted when they went to the polls? Isn't that what Congresswoman Pelosi meant when she said "We're united around a proposal for responsible redeployment, and we want it to begin before December..."? Well, we still have a day left.

Bottom line: If anyone is reading this please realize that politics is about politics. It's about getting what you want and in the case of politics, it's being elected. So you say anything to get elected, but that doesn't change the reality of the situation. The war in Iraq is not going to change anytime soon. The time to do something about this war was in 2003 when, with the minimal amount of research and a seventh grade intelligence level and a working news media, we could have stopped this illegal, immoral and ultimately failed war policy. But since we didn't, we're stuck with the ugly, brutal money shot that will end only in a sticky mess on America's face. Wait, let me turn down the porn-o-meter. It was set to a nine ...


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