Surrealpolitic for surreal times.: S.I.N. (Sex, Iraq & November)


S.I.N. (Sex, Iraq & November)

Did we miss anything while we were out? Like a Republican Congressman digitally pleasuring a page? How about another e-card from Al Qaeda? Was there, perchance anything about the upcoming November elections or a rebuttal to a Bob Woodward book? Good. But before we begin let's take a step back, as we are prone to do after a vacation and look at the big picture.

Yes, Republicans have sex. Sometimes it's illicit and sometimes it's of a homosexual nature. Is that wrong? If they're underaged, yes, but otherwise no. What makes it wrong is that they subscribe to a party that makes it a moral issue. To us, that's the most disgusting part about the whole Foley incident. Hey, Foley, if you're going to have homosexual tendencies, may I recommend either the Peace and Freedom or Green Parties? They're the ones who promote sexual diversity. But let's face it, Republicans are to hypocricy as Democrats are to ... whatever they're about this week. The good thing about ex-representative Foley is that he resigned before he took up two press cycles. Now that's class.

Now, let's talk Iraq. The war isn't going well and the President can't and won't admit the truth. We have to, as a nation, deal with this fact. You are not going to wake up one day and see the President weeping on Fox News, apologizing for misleading Congress into war and for approving illegal wiretapping. Readers, he's reviewing memos from Henry Kissinger for advice!!! He's not going anywhere. So if you want a change go to the voting booth in November and vote for the other party. You sometimes forget that you have more rights over your elected officials than the amount of people who have ever lived in history collectively. Truth be told, The Administration can't withdraw from Iraq at this point and it's not about looking weak, it's about Iran. If we pull out now, Iran will control Iraq through its Shi'ite population and, ultimately the world's second greatest oil reserves. If you think this Administration is going to let that happen, you are sadly mistaken. So, like a bad date, you're stuck with the check for an expensive dinner you didn't want and a rash that is difficult to cure.

One more thing. Let's talk about November. In 2000 and 2004 there are some pretty irrefutable truths that the outcome of those elections were tampered with in Florida and Ohio respectively. The American media turned a blind eye to some glaring facts while the British media did our work. Guess what? If the party in power is benefitting from voting irregularities, they're not likely to stop any time soon. If you vote in a battleground state and suspect voting irregularity, it's your responsibility to alert the media, hire a lawyer, talk to people and fight to save your democracy. Fox News ain't gonna do it. If nothing is done to fix the paperless, electronic voting machines and the compromised voter roles, we will quickly become a one-party nation that isn't going to care what you think about illegal wiretapping, Iraq or voting irregularities. Oh, wait...


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